Why the join the Blog-wagon?

Recently  during a late night tête-à-tête i was told by a dear friend that i wasn’t bold, rather not bold enough…Now that was a bit of a jolt. (Okay , so it was more like Zeus personally selecting a bolt of lightning for me . i could almost picture him pondering exactly how he should hold his master bolt so that the lightning strikes me exactly where he aims to and after it does, laugh).

i always thought that i was pretty bold, pretty “bindass”. So this statement kind of took me by surprise and made me sit up ( as much as one can after working with more than three dozen kids for over 6 hours straight) and think.

Since i wasn’t really convinced i asked him to elucidate a bit and well, i had to eat my words pretty soon when he pointed out that though writing a blog was a bold step , deciding to write an anonymous one, wasn’t “bold enough”…

Hence the decision to “mboldenme’….How is that exactly going to happen is still a mystery. And where the process is going to result in i have no clue whatsoever. That bit am not worried about. I don’t really want to know either.

What i do want to know: What does it mean, to be bold? And where does boldness end and foolishness begin?

These are the answers i hope to find during this journey…

And help from anyone would be very much appreciated! Any answers to my questions anyone?

Gute Nacht und Ciao!!!


P.S: One thing i do hope for: That my spelling , which have, thanks to auto-correct and smart phones, “gone for a toss” shall come back to me. Thanks to this blog 🙂


14 responses

  1. Remember remember the 5th of november wihen gun powder treason and plot.
    There is no reason why 5th of november can ever be forgot!
    (Slightly modifying to fit the occasion i suppose)
    Welcome to Blogging (again?)

    1. Thanks my lil big sis 🙂 …this is really my first attempt to public writing… need all the tips that u can give…

  2. Peeyush Bhatnagar | Reply

    I like the approach. All the best to discover the bolt in yourself, which will embolden you for the times to come.

  3. Nandana Pedanekar | Reply

    Nice! Be bold and write more….. ! Alles Beste! – Nandana

  4. That was a “bold” prelude for things to flow under your mighty pen, into this space, in coming days. Eagerly looking forward for the next write up. Alles Gute für diesen Versuch…!!!

    –Nikhil P.

  5. Welcome to the blogging world 🙂

  6. “What does it mean, to be bold? And where does boldness end and foolishness begin?”
    –> well. you’ll find out as you go the distance! enjoy the process… i’ll look forward to reading and enjoying the ‘products’ here 🙂
    – amrita

  7. Wah Bhai Wah

  8. I am eager to read what comes next. 🙂 kudos!!

  9. great start! looking forward to more 🙂

  10. Nothing grabs my attention like a superb quote. Setting my life on fire. Fan my flames.
    Good start and good luck.

  11. Hey,
    Nice stuff girl, way too go!!
    Starting with thoughts of being incinerated by Zeus and sharing the same….. was bold 🙂
    Loved the statement where you are pondering where “boldness ends and foolishness begins”.
    Looking forward to reading more of your Blogs.
    Best wishes Ara 🙂

  12. Hi, great stuff, nice to read a blog from someone we know, looking forward to more such pieces . All the best

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