One word that can easily cause a mass anxiety attack in any organization across the world: Downsizing. The dreaded pink slip, the long walk to the office door, the pain of sharing the news with the family, the fear of life long unemployment…

Personally i have a love and hate relation with this word. On the one hand “downsizing” brings to mind the movie, “Up in the air”. Actually, in all honesty, who comes to mind is the gorgeous, suave, talented Mr. Ryan Bingham a.k.a George Clooney. (Obviously this is not the “hate” part of my conflicted relation with this word)

The other association with “downsizing” is another matter altogether. As a matter of fact, I think this particular one has, since eternity, affected more individuals than any economic meltdown. We are talking of a different of a meltdown altogether. Unlike the economic one, billions of people crave for this meltdown, spend small fortunes to experience this, torture their bodies and go to unimaginable lengths to achieve this goal. Am sure most of you must have figured out by now what i am talking about: downsizing in the literal sense: From being a 14 to a 12 to 8 and eventually the wonderful 6 (Am sure it’s clear for which one am pining for currently). Or if you are in UK the numbers look slightly different…American 8 is the British 10-12 and so on and so forth . In India alphabets serve the same purpose: The much desired (revered) “S”, or the “still okay” M, the scary L and the dreaded XL. (Really guys, only if you’d sorted out your stuff, we would’ve had so much less confusion in the world of units of measurement)

“Downsizing” i.e. reaching that dream size/look, losing weight, fitting into the smallest dress in your wardrobe, squeezing your tummy in to fit into the jeans from college, fighting off the last five (or 25 kilos) has been and in all probability shall remain a battle for almost all women (and a few “good” men too) almost everywhere in every nook of the world, except maybe in Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines. (It’s really unfair. They seemed to have earned all the “hourglass” figure karma)

A German friend once remarked that in India when you meet someone after a few weeks/months or years, they never ask how you’ve been doing. The first comment is inevitably, “Oh my God, look at you, you’ve lost so much weight” or  the polite way of saying that you’ve gained a few (quite a few maybe) inches,” Hi!! Look at you! Life seems to have been good to you! You seem to be doing really “well””.  I hadn’t realized this till my friend pointed this out to me.


I think this simple observation puts in perspective our obsession with our extra pounds…er…kilos… There are websites dedicated to “ Inspirational Weight loss Quotes”, body types, diet food, success stories, statistics on obesity, books on weight loss, even star sign based dieting advice, not to mention gyms, prescribed/not prescribed weight loss pills all luring us to be fab and not fat.


Having said all this i must confess that i am no exception to battle against the bulge or rather bulges at unwanted places. Family dinners, lunch breaks, brunches (ironic so much talk of weight loss is done around food), train rides, bus rides, birthday parties, kitty and many other “holy” places all them, revolve around the process of loosing, gaining, maintaining the scale to a number acceptable to self.

Like most people I’ve too spent (and spending even this moment as am writing this) many waking hours doing the calorie count math, talk loudly to myself, i have hung my favorite skirt which am not currently fitting into) to motivate myself, run, jog, Aerobics, dance, et al. I have lost and gained around 15 kilos three times at least in the last five odd years. And am still fighting …

And honestly I think we should try, we should try to be at a place where our bodies too are comfortable in us. I am not talking in kilos or inches or sizes. No. This time am looking for a place where my physical, emotional and spiritual self are all in sync with each other, where they feel at peace with each other. Am trying to be where i don’t turn to a bar of Lindt or a pint of choco chip cookie ice cream for comfort. Of course it may not be the weight ideal for my height, i may never have to fight with a Japanese tourist in Fab India over the last silk blouse in size XS. Really doesn’t matter.


2 responses

  1. You are true in saying that we are obsessed about looks. Recently read an article that stated that most of us greet little girls with compliments on their looks rather than other intellectual stuff and that’s where the obsession with looks starts.
    Keep writing. Good going.

  2. Way to go Gal!!!
    Initially when I read the title and first para, I was like….here’s another when which is gonna talk about recession but being a good friend I plodded along and was I pleasantly surprised!!!
    OH WOW!! What a way to spark up my cold winter morning by talking about George – yummiieeee –Clooney!!! Ok now I was really hooked. But I was reeled in when I read the third para…Gal you have a way with words… have played well with the words downsizing and meltdown (interesting).
    Loved the lines:
    “except maybe in Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines. (It’s really unfair. They seemed to have earned all the “hourglass” figure karma)”
    “(ironic so much talk of weight loss is done around food)”

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