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Return of the boldness

I have woken up from my deep slumber. Finally.

It happened like this:

The Universe: knock knock!

Me: who’s there?

Universe: mi

Me: me who?

Universe: Mi Amo

This simple truth was all I needed to hear.

Thank you. Danke. Gracias. Shukran



Not viewed. Not seen. Not used. Not Yet

It is pretty dark in here. Only when HE opens the doors to take something out or keep something in, do I get a chance to soak in a bit fresh air and some light.

Many others who share this small cramped space with me have similar stories to share. Especially the wordsmiths.They have been lying around since ages, waiting to be taken out, waiting to be held, to be turned, to share some stories with HIM. But no, HE favors mostly the colorful ones, the ones HE uses to bring his thoughts to life. Even the thin, the thick, the small ,or the big,or the long, or the short grey ones are preferred over me. Of course, these others gloat about how much conversation they make with HIM, how much HE cherishes each moment when HE is able to realize his vision with them together. They cannot stop telling stories of how they have been lying around HIS floor all day, because he was stuck at a particular point of HIS creation, and how HE kept starting all over again every few minutes or how HE would start with one thing in HIS head but after labouring for hours together, what they would create would differ from what they started with and even more beautiful than what they set out to make. I think what the favoured ones enjoy the most is the fact that they are HIS tools for creation. That they are the means HE uses them for bringing the best out in HIM. In fact through this they are fulfilling not only their destiny, but are bringing joy in the lives of all those HE shares them with. The most blessed ones are the blank ones. They are hardly ever locked in with the rest of us. No, oh no. They travel with HIM in turns. Wherever HE goes, they go with HIM, depending on how filled they are and what HE is creating at the moment. Even HIS friends know them, use them sometimes, share tips with HIM on how HE could make them more beautiful or what HE could do next. Lucky souls indeed these blank ones are.

And me? My canvas has already been filled with someone Else’s dreams. As a matter of fact i am just one of the canvases which holds this other visionaries story.

HE likes to make his own stories though. Is it why HE is not interested in seeing mine? Is this why i lie here month after month, week after week, day after day, ignored, untouched, unopened? It has been almost six months since i entered your life after travelling for over twelve hours from across the ocean and entered your home. With so much love was i given over to you. How joyful i was to know where i was going to live. How naïve i was to think that we would spend a few hours together, and then when you would enjoy my company, you would call your friends over and proudly tell them who i was and how such a wonderful story we shared together. But alas. My dream is just that: A dream. The optimist that i am, i still hope i shall see the light of the day, that my turn will come. That i shall fulfill my destiny of being seen.

I may just be a DVD. You wont create anything new with me like you do in your blank diaries with your thousands of pencils and pens and brushes. But i think YOU forget that i am someone’s creation. Someone has put in the same pain, the same love you do on those canvases. So i hope YOU open my plastic cover sometime soon, pop me in your DVD player and let me tell YOU my story.

(This entry has been inspired by a friend who simply refuses to watch a movie i gifted him around 6 months ago. I hope this helps. The DVDs destiny NEEDS to be fulfilled:) )

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